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About Rudec Cameroon

The Rural Development Centre (RUDEC) is a Community based Organization with a mission to promote Private/Public Partnership in the deep countryside of the South West Region of Cameroon. It was created in 1995 and filed for official approval in August, 2002 in accordance with Law No 92/006 of August 14th and its Decree of Implementation No. 92/455/PM of 23rd November 1992 in Cameroon relating to the creation of Cooperatives and Common Initiative Groups.

Our Story

Initially, RUDEC limited its operations in Meme Division of the South West Region. However, by virtue of its first Triennial Strategic Development Plan 2016-2018, the operational jurisdiction shall cover all 6 Administrative Divisions of the South West Region and other regions of Cameroon.

Our Team

Our office is team managed and the management team consists of a Project Coordinator,Gender Officer, Field staff, a finance officer and office assistants among other staff.

Board Of Directors

President: Mrs.Dorothy Ebako,

Former President Of Tropical Agricultural Cooperative (TRAGCOOP) Cameroon, Coordinator of Bafaw Women’s Association USA, she has been part of RUDEC’S board of directors since 2017, in 2019 became the president of the board. She is a women’s right advocate and farmer. Currently based in USA.

Vicepresident: Mrs. Nalowa Ngale Catherine

She is one of the founding members of RUDEC since 2002. Grade 1 Teacher for Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) for over 20 Years. A gender advocate, guidance councilor and renowned philanthropist in Penda Mboko area. She was formerly the treasurer but in 2017 she assumed the new role as Vice President following

Secretary – Treasurer: Mrs. Bridget Suiru

Diploma in Specialised Development Studies in Project Planning Management and Evaluation (PPME),Computer Literate, she has served RUDEC as secretary for over 10 years and doubles as treasurer of RUDEC BOD.


Tom Svensson

Renown freelance conservationist and wildlife photographer based in Sweden with over 20 years of work in Africa. World Animal Protection Organization Ambassador, Africa Apes Foundation Board Member. Tom Mentors our conservation efforts and has been a member of the BOD since last year.

Sona Victor

Very experienced in Agricultural extension, Environment and Census Enumeration. Has been part of RUDEC BOD since 2015. Mentors our Agriculture/Environmental efforts and currently serves as Customer’s Relation Officer in First Trust Bank Cameroon.

Stefan Rouden

Experienced wildlife photographer and photojournalist in Sweden with over 5 years experience in Africa. Stefan is also a skilled web developer. Has been part of RUDEC BOD since last year.

Sama Mbianghabo Patience

Mrs. Patience has an M.Sc. In Women and Gender Studies, 12 Years of experience as trainer on diverse gender issues, women and children’s rights and project management. She mentors our women and gender focused projects.

Our Activities

RUDEC is dedicated to help children,communities awaken to their needs and ability to change and put this change to practical use through a participatory, partnership approach and multiplier effect.

Our activities are organised under the following main programme areas namely:

  • The provision of Basic Social Infrastructure in the Rural Communities of our Grassroots Partners
  • Vocational training
  • The enhancement of Agriculture Infrastructure/ Livestock Production and Productivity
  • The Promotion and Protection Nature and the Environment
    Poverty alleviation
  • Food Security and Nutritional practices
  • Capacity Building and Training
  • Environmental sustainability

During the past ten years, RUDEC has implemented community development activities in Kumba and its environs and has through these activities developed new thinking and practice in participatory community action and community mobilization.

Our Goals

All activities have strong links to alleviate the suffering of individuals and families in the poorest communities through grassroots sustainable initiatives aimed at particularly local empowerment, poverty alleviation and environmental sustainability at a community-level. All our activities are action-based and have strong focus on achieving leading local participation, sustained learning benefits and replication of local success stories.

The Organization’s growth and activities are shaped by the following objectives;

-The provision of Basic Social Infrastructure in the Rural Communities of our Grassroots Partners.
The enhancement of Agriculture Infrastructure/ Livestock Production and Productivity
The Promotion and Protection Nature and the Environment
-Capacity Building

Today, RUDEC boasts of many unique and innovative Community/youth led programs that range from pipe borne water supply/maintenance projects to long term livelihood projects and from entrepreneurial to vocational training for underprivileged youth.
As RUDEC looks to the future, with the aid of volunteers, staff, and other partners and organizations, RUDEC will continue to improve on its current programs, while staying innovative and flexible in its drive for the holistic development of the rural masses

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