Environmental Sustainability

The Cameroon national parks are always under pressure by the growing price of gold in the international markets. The problems and the pressure to cameroon’s national parks are always coming back, “like tsunamis” said Walters Nfor, one of the caretakers at Benoue National Park in Ngoundere.


Cameroon is considered one of the most important areas for conservation efforts due to it’s amazing nature and biodiversity. Cameroon’s depletion of natural resources goes hand in hand with poverty and its limited access to job opportunities and education.

In order to achieve long term solutions: we believe that a sustained environmental education program & Planting trees will help the new generations think differently about their natural resources.

How It Works

RUDEC’s efforts towards environmental sustainability first targets farmers particularly women an youths, we train them on improved farming techniques and we sensitize them to STOP bad farming habits such as bush burning.

We also carryout environmental education programs with specific focus on children for they are the future, we encourage children to plant trees for the future as their own contribution towards mitigating climate.

Work Done So Far

RUDEC seeks to encourage people from different communities to plant trees while economically empowering themselves. In this light, RUDEC has fostered the planting of over 130,000 trees both Ornamental, Agro-forestry, Fruit and Food tree species.

In recent times, we are helping primary school children establish tree nurseries in schools.

RUDEC was awarded a certificate from UN Environmental Program ”Plant A Billion Tree Campaign” and another Certificate from One Tree Planted USA last year.

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