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Helping The Development Of People, Environment & Resources In Cameroon

Rural Infrastructural Development

Unsafe drinking water, hygiene and sanitation is the leading cause of malnutrition in children under five.

Women Empowerment through Climate Smart Agriculture

Investing in equality and women’s empowerment can unlock human potential on a transformational scale.

Indigenous Peoples Rights Program

Strengthening the capacities of the BAKA people in the South of Cameroon through Beekeeping.

Environmental Sustainability

Cameroon is known for its amazing nature and biodiversity that is worth to be preserved.

Biodiversity Conservation

Creating sustainable forest communities in the South West & Littoral regions of Cameroon is one of RUDEC’s priorities.

Edu-Access Special Program

Supporting rural underprivileged children access holistic education

What Our Community says

Mrs. Enongene

“Ever since RUDEC came to our community, they have been doing so much to support women farmers, my capacity as a farmer has been improved. I am so happy to work with them”

Mrs. Yaya – Internally Displaced person (IDP)

“I am an IDP currently residing in Penda Mboko due threats of insecurity in my home town, the I am glad to be a beneficiary of RUDEC’s work here, having access to land and food was one of my major challenges, here, now thanks to effort from RUDEC my food production increased and i’m very much aware of improved techniques of farming.”

Mrs. Beltha – President of ROAD TEAM WOMEN ASSOCIATION

“ROAD TEAM is happy to work with RUDEC, we have received  training on good farming methods, we also received good planting materials that helped to boost our food production

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